About Us

  • We feel honored and blessed to be a part of one of the most important days of a couple's life
  • As Your Wedding Officiant, Minister and Notary We 'VOW' to make sure you have the very best day that you deserve! 
  • We have the distinct pleasure to work along side a wonderful & very experienced team of 7 officiants, each of whom specialize in different areas throughout Florida.     

                      English  ♡  Spanish  ♡  French                      



  • Officiate, Notarize, and Legally File your Marriage License
  • Custom Write Vows tailored to each of our Couples
  • Give you A beautiful Keepsake of your Vows
  • Will Recommend Venues and Vendors
  • Give you Guidance in Obtaining your Marriage License
  • Give you Guidance in Changing your Last Name
  • Process Apostille's for couples that reside outside of the U.S.

Contact Us:

       Call/Text or E-mail Us About Your Upcoming Ceremony:

* South Florida  Madison 305-753-5932 WeddingsbyMadison@yahoo.com

* Central Florida Debra   305-322-7285 WeddingsbyDeb@bellsouth.net

* Gainesville  Madison 305-753-5932 WeddingsbyMadison@yahoo.com

* West Coast Florida Bob 239-823-4878 BeachWeddingsbyBob@yahoo.com

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