We Officiate, Notarize, and File your Marriage License


  • Write Custom Vows tailored to each of our couples personal beliefs
  • Give you a beautiful keepsake of your personal Vows.
  • Offer Venue and Vendor Recommendations
  • Give you Guidance in obtaining your Marriage License
  • Give you Guidance in changing your Last Name.
  • Preside over your Ceremony, Notarize your Marriage License, and file legally your Marriage License with the Clerk of Courts in the county where you obtained it.
  • Offer an Apostille Service for couple's residing outside the United States, whose Country requires additional legal paperwork.

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Add to your Vows with a Ceremony within a Ceremony

Unity Sand Ceremony

Most popular!  The Unity Sand Ceremony represents two individuals joining their lives together. Both spouses choose their own color of sand, and the vase is a beautiful forever keepsake.

Unity Family Sand Ceremony

The Family Unity Sand Ceremony is a perfect way to include children or family members.

Each person chooses their own color of sand to blend together into one vase

Unity Heart Sand Ceremony

A Couple stands in a heart of flowers created in the sand where they exchange their ceremonial vows. A fabulous way to add that romantic touch, and just beautiful for wedding pictures

Unity Candle Ceremony

Unity Candle Ceremony represents two lives becoming one with support of their surrounding family and/or friends.  Each starts with your own candle, representing all that you are individually.  Then each will take their own candle to light the large center unity candle

Hand Fasting or "Tying the Knot"

A Celtic wedding ritual which involves the 'tying' of a couples hands/wrists together which symbolizes the coming together as one.

There are many variations of this ceremony,

all symbolizing the connection and devotion a couple has to each other

Jumping the Broom

The "Jumping the Broom" is a ceremony in which the couple signify the beginning of their new life by symbolically "sweeping away" their former lives by jumping over a broom. At the conclusion of the ceremony the officiant or a guest places the broom in front of the couple where they jump over it before walking down the aisle, married

Wine Box Ceremony

Each spouse writes a love letter expressing their feelings on the day of marriage, love for each other, and hopes for the future.  Both will place the sealed, unread letters in a box with two glasses and a bottle of wine.  The couple picks an anniversary or a time in need to open the box, read the letters, and enjoy their wine!

Rock Ceremony

The rock ceremony is a fantastic way to include all of your guests.  Though typically small polished rocks are used, you can substitute anything from seashells, glass, crystal, etc.  Each guest will make a wish for the couple and place their token into a single keepsake vase or container.  Optionally, some couples choose to put their guests names on their token as well.

Rose Ceremony

The rose ceremony is a simple exchange of a rose as their first gift of marriage. 

The rose, being the flower of love, symbolizes unconditional love, now and forever. 

This ceremony is also great way to show gratitude to your mother and/or family member.  A rose can be given to each spouse's mother or family during the ceremony

Breaking the Glass Ceremony

Stomping on or Breaking-the-Glass is one of the best-known features of a Jewish wedding. Traditionally the groom does the deed; however, today many couple's often share the honor of smashing the glass (or light bulb) wrapped in a napkin or cloth, or inside a velvet bag, as their guests claps and shout, “Mazel tov!”

Few Jewish symbols have a single explanation, and this one is has many

Ketubah Signing

In a Jewish wedding, the ketubah signing may be performed before the actual wedding where two witnesses sign the marriage contract. It usually takes place in a private room attended by the officiant, the wedding couple, the witnesses, close family and possibly a few dear friends. It’s considered a honor to be included in the ketubah signing ceremony

Arras-Thirteen Gold Coins

A  Spain tradition. The 13 coins carry multiple meanings and vary by culture. Generally, the symbolic gesture communicates the couple's trust in each other to share the responsibility of managing the household finances. The groom makes a pledge to provide for his family while the bride vows to honor the blessings God has put into their lives.